Why I weigh my food but not myself

* Warning: *

** I am an ex lawyer who wants to be an otter in the next life and who cannot read a knitting pattern.  I am not a nutritionist, and I do not claim to be one.  I am just doing my thing with the help of some amazingly informed and professional people.  I also like science and I don’t like hype and fads or diet pills that kill perfectly healthy young people. **

So I weigh my food.  This is because I do something called ‘counting macros’ and to count these buggers you need scales.  Little, very accurate scales, because when you are hunting down that last gram of protein, they need to be accurate! Am considering buying some pharma scales …

It is calorie counting. BUT – yes BUT it is counting the important bits of your food so that your nutrition is balanced and right for what you want to achieve. Because (nearly) all of your food will have calories in them and adding it up gives you a daily total.  The macro family consist of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates – all (yes ALL) of which we need to be strong and healthy.  How much of each you need depends on what you want to achieve.

I want to get lean and strong and fit.  Or fit and lean and strong, doesn’t really matter which comes first. So my queen is called Protein. I eat a lot of protein.  But a queen cannot rule alone because without the support of her king, Fat (sorry boys) and her prime minister Carb, nothing would work.  I eat all of those, just the best of them (most of the time).  So to get the best combination, I weigh and track  my food (I use My Fitness Pal because who can remember all that?!).  For now.  I do not intend to do this for every day for the rest of my life.

So this is what I had for breakfast:

DSC03247 DSC03248 DSC03251 DSC03252 DSC03254 DSC03255

23g Fat, 24g Carbohydrates, 54g Protein

And let me tell you, when you count your calories THIS way, rather than saying “oh I can only eat 1500 calories today” you are SO not hungry. And your body is happy and you train well. Your organs and your brain thank you.

I don’t weigh myself.  I know roughly what I weigh, but the exact number is irrelevant.  It is not a representation of my health.  Simple.  I can weigh 1kg more from one day to the next because of a pending period, because my triceps have suddenly decided to have children, because the moon is waning or I haven’t had a poo.  It is just a number at that specific point in time.  It will change constantly and with a leaner more defined me it will – wait for it – go UP.  Shock horror!  Who cares?  What matters is the health of my heart and lungs, that my organs have the right amount of fat to protect them, that my muscles have enough fuel to work, my joints don’t hurt and my brain is razor sharp.  My skin glows, my hair is strong and I sleep well.

So get yourself some pharma scales and throw away your bathroom scales.

Ina x

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