And sometimes you just have to celebrate life …

… and the fact that the sun is shining, the lilac is blooming, that you have worked out like a demon this week and your macro tracking has been on point.  And you will have a bread roll or even two bought from Lidl (because they remind you of home – yes, I am German but shhhhhh it’s a secret) with Nutella, just because you want to.  And you will open that half bottle of bubbly you have left over from Christmas and drink it.  Just because.  And sit in the garden and read a book and ignore the corner cupboard you are still supposed to tidy according to that week’s to do list.  And just be.


Because that is as important as eating kale, drinking water and doing 500m rowing sprints.

And Miss Avenall, if you are reading this, I am ever so sorry about starting all those sentences with an ‘and’.

Ina x

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