The importance of doing nothing

I am not lazy.  I am German, hence that is not even possible.  Doing nothing does not come easily to me.

I spent this morning’s yoga session bent over a bolster in a variety of positions, in a restorative class.  I was told repeatedly to ‘just be in the moment’.  Before taking up yoga, I would have sniggered slightly at this new age hippy claptrap.  Next she will want me to say “oooorrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm”.

It is in fact surprisingly hard – to be in the moment.  Not to think about the carpet fitters who are at that exact moment ripping a hole in your wallpaper trying to get the carpet round the spiral staircase.  To not go over the list of things to do that day because you have not written them down, so you keep having to repeat them to yourself. Not to compose this post in your head, sitting like children do, whilst hugging a purple bolster cushion.

Thoughts do come into your head, but I had this mental image of gently pushing them behind a gauzy curtain, I could see them but they were not clear and in my face.

Why do and think nothing?  Because it is good for you.  Life is what it is, there is no point lamenting how much better, slower, simpler it used to be.  If your pace of life really bothers you that much, do something about it.  In the meantime though, take time to just be. In that moment.  It grounds you. That means it takes you back down to the earth (see how easy this hippy stuff is?), gather in all your fleeting thoughts, to just acknowledge this little bit in time, in your life, not think about tomorrow, or yesterday or what you have done or have to do.  It works like a reset. It is surprisingly energising. Doing nothing doesn’t mean you have nothing to do.

You don’t have to do yoga, just stop and stare ever so often, sit and look.


Put the book down, turn off the radio. Just be quiet in your head.


“Happiness is not a goal – it is a by product of a life well lived” (E Roosevelt)

Ina x

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